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I come from a tribe of Oaken elves that live to the south of VTR in the uninhabited wilderness. We live one with nature growing our homes out of the trees with our druid magic. Our weapons are crafted from ironwood, a tree mere mortals would dream to discover. I come from a long line of elves skilled in the art of creating armor out of alchemically treated leaves. We are passionate archers with archery consuming much of our free time. However even with our attunement to nature we are not vegetarians like the feeble high elves in the far west we eat meat with a passion and delight in the fact our habits disgust our pathetic cousins. When I was 952 a tribe of drow attacked our home with the aid of monstrous creatures of the underdark. They killed my entire village except for me. I was reading in the hollow oak tree that was hit by a lightning bolt when I was 928. I often went there for peace and quiet where no one could find me. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke I ran back home and it was desecrated. I gave myself the name bolt in honor of the tree that saved my life. I became a wandering nomad until I found VTR. They took me in and I celebrated my 1000th birthday with them which is still young for an elf. I represent the last heir of my family and plan to live my life to the fullest.

More about my tribe:

In my tribe people were attuned to trees, oaks in particular, and as such we have the strength of an oak, the patients of an oak and like a tree we stand in the face of danger and thus will rarely retreat. In my tribe there was a comrade formed between us guards. We called ourselves the Storm Wardens, and we chose that name because we were especially skilled in the ways of wind, water, and fire elemental magic, which combined form a mighty thunder storm. Although our colors are grey and blue we chose that these would not dominate our daily garb, so we were free to express ourselves but always present as a small favor sewn on our tabards or resting on our belts. Other races were welcomed into our community and that led to many crossbreeds found very little elsewhere. For example, my best friend, his mother was an elf and his father a were-bear giant. My other friend was a combination of goblin, orc, elf, and vampire.

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